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Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Syracuse), 6C Patient Ward Renovation


Syracuse, NY


10,000 sf


Renovation of an occupied VA facility required three phases, planning by wing based on available swing space. To achieve this, an integrated design approach was necessary to update and modify building systems within very tight floor to floor dimensions. Reorganization planning and design elements:

  • A prominent central station, intentionally projecting into the corridor, monitors entrance to the unit, assists caregivers, and coordinate staff information at shift changes

  • Distributed charting and general supplies with central med, storage, soiled and clean utilities

  • Reconfigured patient rooms into private and semi-private, eliminating 4-patient wards

  • Integrated design included ceiling-mounted lifts in every room, despite tight structural floor-floor

  • Incorporating med gases at each bed for future flexibility.

Upgrading this facility to contemporary standards included complex design elements, such as ceiling-mounted patient lifts in every room, coordinated with structural supports and ceiling elements. The headwall units are consistently organized to facilitate staff efficiency while providing attractive accent panel and individual lighting controls. Footwalls offer space for patient belongings, visitors’ needs, and TV’s.

Sliding glass patient room doors maximize available room space and integral blinds balance safety and privacy for controlled sightlines into the patient room. Unique color schemes aid wayfinding for each phase/unit, reducing the apparent scale of the floor into discrete wings.

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