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Advion Bioscience Research & Manufacturing Facility


Ithaca, NY

परियोजना का आकार:

34,000 sf

Project Objectives: Client needed a new office and research lab facility to serve a diverse clientele. Due to the critical nature of the client’s research lab work, the facility required electrical systems with battery and emergency generator backup power. Other important issues included security, spatial configuration, accommodations for administrative and research personnel, in-house training facilities, and five wet labs.

Design Response: QPK Design provided the following services for this project: Developed exterior design vocabulary respective of existing architecture; Zoned the building by function into 3 zones: administrative, office, and lab; Selected appropriate dimensions, spatial configurations, materials, and mechanical systems for each zone; Designed exterior envelope and interior layout to maximize access of natural light; Custom designed electrical systems to accommodate client’s emergency power and security needs; and Developed detailed security program response.

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