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NYS Fairgrounds, Exposition Center


NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY


135,096 sf


  • New York Public Building of the Year, 2019 

  • Associated General Contractors of NYS Jeffery J. Zogg Build New York Award , 2018

The Exposition Center, located in the New York State Fairgrounds, is the largest indoor events space north of New York City between Boston and Cleveland with 110,000 SF clear-span floor space under 250-foot trusses. As the ultimate in flexible venues with 4,000 retractable seats, the building accommodates car/boat/RV shows, horse shows, heavy-equipment, and even ice rink events.

The team succeeded in completion of this fast-track design-build project over 10 months through integrated structural and architectural design backed by real-time decisions for cost and production tracking.

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