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Responsible design is sustainable design with a three-fold benefit: good for business, good for people, and good for the planet. QPK Design is committed to environmental and economic responsibility.


LEED Projects

Gold, Silver, & Certified

Life-cycle cost analysis determines the ROI (return on investment) to maximize the economic benefits of a sustainable project, such as:

  • Site design and water management systems combined with quality construction methods

  • Reduced operating costs through high-efficiency or alternative energy systems

  • Natural daylight to improve performance, reduce energy costs (increasing sales in retail business)

  • Improved employee performance and productivity with better-quality indoor environments

  • Workplace flexibility and efficiency with modular systems designed to accommodate future alterations

  • Enhanced client reputations through commitment to employees' and environmental well-being

  • Lower operating costs and increased property value



Accredited Professionals


Projects Designed Following

Federal Sustainability

or Similar Guidelines

In our experience, those buildings designed to satisfy LEED or other green guidelines will achieve a higher qualitative performance than those set by building construction codes.​

QPK's integrated practice helps clients achieve the highest level of sustainability within their budget. A sustainable approach produces buildings which are better for the environment, economic operations, and ultimately for the occupants.​


Net Zero


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