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UDig NY Headquarters & Training Facility


East Syracuse, NY


21,500 sf


  • AIA CNY Design Award, 2019

Behind this contemporary structure is an exceptional and unique program with an indoor excavation training area. Dig Safely New York Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, serves as a link between customers and underground utility operators. Their mission is to prevent damage to underground infrastructure and protect the public through education and quality communication for improved compliance with governing regulations. This headquarters houses the administrative offices, digital and hands-on training, and one-call center.

The indoor-dig area extends hands-on learning opportunities into months previously not viable in Upstate New York, thereby advancing training for over 500,000 safe extractions in New York every year. The building design embraces Dig Safely’s mission with modern design and materials reflecting respect and equivalency with state educational venues.

Transparency, natural light, and open-plan environments foster collaboration with interior glass panels overlooking the dig area. This engaging facility will increase employability, sustain specific vocational skill development, and offer a safe environment to prepare the New York State workforce.

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