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Hilton Garden Inn, Downtown Auburn


Auburn, NY


72,000 sf, 92 Rooms

QPK Design planned and designed this 72,000 SF customized Hilton Garden Inn located in downtown Auburn, NY. This 4-story, wood-framed, 92-room hotel and connected conference center was situated to accommodate existing city utilities while incorporating an expansive open courtyard that provides outdoor seating directly adjacent to the restaurant and conference center. The views of Owasco River and the historical 1870’s St. Mary’s Gothic church were also maintained while efficiently maximizing the challenging triangular shaped parcel to implement parking, vehicle and pedestrian circulation, and storm water management.

The 82-seat “Beau Vine Chophouse and Wine Bar” was designed with a classic yet contemporary “New York City Steakhouse” ambiance. The eclectic 265-seat conference center achieved a certain elegance with bold custom carpet patterns, light fixtures, and simple lines. This project received quality reviews for appearance, quietness, location and service from its patrons and successfully transformed the neighborhood to become an important part of downtown Auburn.

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