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Skaneateles Village Hall
Site Reclamation


Village of Skaneateles, NY


4.400 sf (Police & Village Offices); 7,000 sf (Roof Work & Solar)


  • GreeningUSA “Sustaining our Communities: Sustainable Energy Use & Generation” category; 2014 A Time to Build Design Award, 2014

  • Business Journal's 2014 A Time to Build Spotlight Award - Best Green Project, 2014.

The adaptation of an abandoned fire station into Village Offices became a centerpiece for sustainability. Phase 1 site improvements adopted the immediate improvements adjacent to the building renovation. Phase 2 expanded upon the initial project, in coordination with a long-range streetscape master plan. The planning goals were to enhance pedestrian safety, address traffic congestion, and reduce the excessive amount of pavement to reflect the civic nature of the facility.

A primary element to achieve the Village objectives was combining vehicular access with a shared entrance drive on adjacent retail property. This allowed an extended public sidewalk, across what had been an expanse of asphalt, with the creation of much-needed green space at the front of the Village property. Pedestrians approaching the building observe green bio-retention areas that filter and treat runoff from the parking and driveway areas. “No mow” ground covers and native plant landscaping provided symbolic connections to the rural roots of the surrounding farmland. The plaza provided a small oasis at the center of this neighborhood shopping district.

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