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Skidmore College, Sussman Village Woodland Complex


Saratoga, NY


106,323 sf (total); 7 buildings; 63 units; 238 beds

QPK Design was Designer and Architect of Record for the Sussman Village Woodland Complex Student Housing project. This seven (7) building community replaced the 40-year old Scribner Village temporary student housing.

To preserve a sense of community, the seven (7) buildings were placed to form an oval around a large green area resulting in a park-like setting complete with patios, terraced stone walls, and extensive walkways to encourage socialization. The sense of community continued into each townhouse unit with large open, social living areas while providing private rooms for each student.

The unique exterior architectural character with strong massing and proven materials along with its City loft-like interior with exposed structural wood beams and steel decks offered a compelling option to the typical student housing found elsewhere.

The sustainable design features and strategies for this project included geothermal heating / cooling systems; daylight harvesting; energy-efficient lighting; reuse of existing building site; and the use of recycled, local and sustainable-building materials.

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